University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture is the leading higher education institution for architecture and urban studies in the Western Balkans Region. We offer comprehensive education of future architects featuring a wide range of studies, which foster the sharing of knowledge and development of skills required for practicing architecture in an interdisciplinary context.

With the first study programme in the field of architecture introduced in 1846, the Faculty of Architecture makes for one of the oldest schools established at the University of Belgrade. We have been the leading educational providers for architecture and urban studies in the region for almost 170 years.

Our school is situated in the iconic building of technical faculties in the centre of Belgrade, one of the last classicist buildings built in Europe in the 20th Century. The building, built between 1925 and 1931, was the design of two renowned Serbian architects – Nikola Nestorović and Branko Tanazović. Curiously, the building was originally designed to host technical schools – a purpose it continues to serve almost a century later.


Research center (CID) was established with the ambition to help the development of research activities at the Faculty of Architecture. CID’s mission is to strengthen capacity and offer logistical and technical support for the implementation of innovative research practices at the Faculty. CID’s vision is the formation of a strategic platform that will facilitate research and professional projects on one hand, and support Faculty’s involvement with international academic and expert programmes, on the other.

CID facilitates threefold activities:

1. Formulation and organisation of a strategic platform for interdisciplinary / multidisciplinary research in fundamental, applied and development research in the Faculty’s subject areas through design, implementation and monitoring of projects either as an independent institutional holder or participant in the project.

2. Support for the implementation of academic study programs at the Faculty for the second and third degree through:

a) organisation and implementation of student initiatives in the field of research and involvement of students in project work in order to train research youth and staff, i.e. enabling students to go through all phases of the research process,

b) organisation of scientific and professional gatherings and other educational programs, as well as development / improvement of teaching methods and their implementation in teaching.

3. Publication of achieved results and other publications of importance for research activities and work of the Faculty (textbooks, manuals, collections, periodicals, journals), their distribution and exchange.